City Academy Degree College
THROUGH : Dr. Rajendra Prasad Educational Society
Regd.Office :MS-101 Sec.-D Aliganj Lucknow.


Welcome to City Academy Degree College

In the emerging highly competitive world, there is obvious need to produce dynamic minds who can adapt to the changing scenario and complex situations and are innovative enough to face the diverse challenges effectively. The CGC is also conscious of its social responsibility in strengthening India's roots i.e the youth. Today career are no longer clearly defined. Young men and women are at the thresh-hold of their career where they can make important decision to choose a course as a stepping stone for future. Of course, it is a tough situation but it is no less tough to decide the Institution whose standard of teaching is outstanding and exemplary in determining where one chooses to study the course. Since the mission of the Group is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract good faculty, good students, provides good infrastructure and purposeful supportive environment in its Institutions. The Group, infact, continues to look for excellence in every aspect of its activities to develop the students into leaders of tomorrow who will make name not only for themselves but also for their Institution and nation. I take pleasure in welcoming all those young men and women aspiring to excel, in the years ahead, to join any of these prestigious courses as appropriate to their mission requirements. The Director / Principal of each Institution will be happy to respond to your queries and provide other personal guidance to the aspirants.

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Our Library

The City Academy Degree College Library collectively supports the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. All students and faculty members of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books and offers library services through its various Divisions.

Our Library holds Reference Books, approx text books,Journals, computer System with internet, multimedia and news paper is also available.

Our Mission

To impart access to education not only to the students of upper class but also to the unprivileged and underprivileged clauses of the society ,To impart quality education in all faculties, To create a teaching-learning environment where the pursuit of higher knowledge, professional skills and prospective jobs can be made without any discrimination of caste, color and religion, To promote women empowerment by imparting equal opportunities of education and skill development to girls. ,To promote Indian tradition and culture.

Our Vision

The founders of the college envisioned to impart education to all the sections of the society to empower them as a class of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens who will become not only professionally qualified but also have a vision for the betterment of the society and the building of the Nation. This vision was based on principle of equality, liberty and fraternity enshrined in our constitution. The vision and mission of this college is reflected in the admission process of the students, the conduct of the teaching facilities, the quality education and in the thrust on extracurricular activities of the students along with academic excellence.