Welcome to City Academy Degree College

Increasing globalization of business, faster growth of the Indian economy and advancement in technology have given enormous rise to complex legal issues faced by society at large and that has brought about a paradigm-change in the role of legal professional.

A lawyer today is a policy planner, business advisor, mediator, negotiator, a lobbyist, an effective communicator and also a reformer.

With the field becoming so vibrant and volatile, choice of law as a profession has seen, over the years, a massive improvement.

Gone are the days when admissions to law schools were taken only as a last LAW resort. It has resulted into a situation where legal profession has become one of the most growing and lucrative profession all over the world.

The past decade has been mini revolution in legal service sector with the greatest legal impact on corporate legal arena.

Activities in project finance, intellectual property protection, environmental protection, competition law, corporate taxation, infrastructure contract, corporate governance and investment law were almost unknown before 1990's.

The curriculum at the College is novel, innovative and designed to keep students equipped and up-to-date with the skills needed in the profession. 


Our Vision & Mission

  • City Academy Degree College strives towards a better understanding of the exponentially growing National and International interconnectivity and dependencies as well as skillful management techniques to deal with such conditions.
  • We Promote knowledge with the express goal of quality education for the next generation.
  • We attempt relentlessly to develop professional Leadership qualities and the ability to control, direct and manage human and material resources in a manner that realizes their entire potential.
  • To shape a better future and to face the upcoming challenges by developing effective and socially responsible individuals & organizations.
  • The ideal preparation for the development and training of every student by recognizing their potential for achieving matchless ambitions and life goals.